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Sanda Pandza Events | books

The great passion of Sanda Pandza has always been the literature and writing. Since little Sanda writes poems and short stories and in 2015 published she writes her first novel in Italian called “A Girl with a Suitcase”, ¬†published by L’Asino d’Oro Edizioni –

Petra, the main character of the book,  narrates the most important episodes of her young life: her happy childhood in Marusici, the first love and the conscious discovery of sexuality; the friendship with her inseparable friend Maja, the passion for literature. On behind of apparently normal teenage life, Petra fervently raises her voice and throws herself against the injustices of the communist system in ex Yugoslavia and its leader Tito, the obligation to a military exercise ended in tragedy, and against the rigid fatherly authority. In the background, the political events that will lead Yugoslavia into the nightmare of an absurd war.

Projectiles like black butterflies will cut the sky of Split, shattering everyday life, certainties and dreams of Petra, but not her desire to live and to seek beauty in everything.

Wall murals of Titus on the walls, the Yugoslav anthem sang with pride on the day of the pioneer oath. Thus begins the story of Petra, closely linked to that of its land, Croatia.