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JUDY & ZAYD | Sanda Pandza Events Villa Miani


A dream came true: Judy and Zayd chose the beautiful Villa Miani to celebrate their big day together with many guests from all over the world. The floral ladies who welcomed guests… more info

GIACOMO & NICHOLE - Sanda Pandza Events


Giacomo Gianniotti, the star of Grey’s Anatomy has decided to crown his love in Italy with the beautiful Nichole Gustafson. The ceremony was held in the garden under an impressive floral arch… more info

ONCE UPON TIME - Sanda Pandza Events


Once upon a time there was a Prince Charming looking for his Princess who lost a shoe. And he found her: Isabelle Adriani, the well-known international actress. Vittorio and Isabelle got married… more info

Villa PIccolomini Wedding | Sanda Pandza Events


The wedding of Eleonora Daniele, the well-known Italian TV journalist, with her beloved Giulio Tassoni. The religious ceremony was arranged with the precious floral triumphs and thousands of candles… more info

Villa PIccolomini Wedding | Sanda Pandza Events


The annual gala party for the Wedding Planner Academy in collaboration with Whitericevimenti Banqueting. This time we choose a very particular venue: Coffee House at Palazzo Colonna… more info



Dreaming as adults with children’s eyes will never fade. Organizing Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party was really fun. Thanks to the creativity of Steve di Maio and the whole team… more info

Montenegro Destination Wedding | Sanda Pandza Events


When a couple decides to celebrate their wedding far away in a distant and enchanted place, Montenegro is the right place. Daniel and Eye have chosen… more info



Dubrovnik is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The sea breeze around the walls of the fortress that protects the city, the streets full of life and the romantic arcades that… more info

sweet18 party | Sanda Pandza Events


Nicole is one of the most beautiful young ladies I have ever met. She wanted something glamour and surprising for her 18th Birthday Party. We choose black, gold and white theme… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Indoneisian Romance


When two people love each other, they have no boundaries. Love breaks down every frontier, travels freely and reaches distant places where to celebrate its splendor. The frame of the Odescalchi Castle… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Spring Flowers


The nature gives us so many incredible inspirations to decor our wedding table. The triumph of spring flowers made with love by floral designer Andrea Patrizi on the silver clothing table with silver… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Gold & White


Silvia & Matteo Politano choose Villa Miani for their big day. The ceremony in the church was set up with many candles and white and gold flowers. The breathtaking view over Rome for the cocktail… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Red & Gold


If you could think about a royal wedding, what would your favorite set up be? We have been inspired to the beautiful and charming Princess Grace Kelly. The  impressive venue Palazzo Brancaccio… more info



Every event must be special as the love is. Danilo & Elisa Cataldi decide to celebrate their Fairy Tail at the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano. An evening full of elegance with transparent tables and crystal… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Baby Shower Cataldi

Baby shower

Two years ago we have organized an incredible wedding for Danilo & Elisa Cataldi at the Odescalchi Castle. Two years after, a baby boy is arriving and Danilo & Elisa decided to organize… more info

Indian Gold & Red

Neena & Vinny have decided to make their dream come true in Italy. Their destination wedding kept all the elements of Indian tradition, starting from the colors of their guests’ dresses to the spicy flavors… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Think equal. Be different.

Think equal. Be different.

Sometimes you have to do something completely different, painting the black room with millions of different colors. The Gala Dinner in Villa Aurelia in Rome for the Wedding Planner Academymore info

Sanda Pandza Events | Wedding Destination

Purple Shadow

Anna & Joe wanted a spectacular and colorful wedding party. And they had it. The touching ceremony in the church was invaded by the beauty of Anna and the purple peonies, the dinner room… more info

Sanda Pandza Events - Dalia (Villa Aurelia )


An elegant atmosphere in Villa Aurelia for the young couple at the end of September. They have choosen dalia as their main flower as delicate and romantic. The Tunnel of Love was full… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect

An elegant gala dinner inside the Museum of Modern Art managed by Sanda Pandza Events. The space has been transformed with crystal elements, mirrors, transparencies and the w… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Unconventional party

Unconventional party

The theme of the “Unconventional Party” evening was the excessive and passionate life of Marie Antoinette of France. The guests, following the Rococo dress code, enjoyed the evening discovering the… more info

Persian Dream

A Persian dream came true for sweet Eeman & Shane who exchange their wows in front of a beautiful and colorful Sofreg Aghd. The elegant indoor buffet style dinner followed by… more info

Sanda Pandza | Luxury Events

Triumph of beauty

A triumph of beauty in this destination wedding for a young couple who wanted to surprise their guests in every moment of their evening. An expanse of marvelous blue and white flowers, a majestic table… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | White Elegance event

White elegance

Brittany and Alex wanted something very nice and elegant wedding made by Sanda Pandza Events. Total white ceremony with breathtaking view over the lake surprised everyone… more info

Sanda Pandza Events | Olive Romance

Olive Romance

The outdoor ceremony with a rustic style floral arch setting followed by an outdoor dinner with the soft tones of pink and fuksia flowers, immersed in the greenery of the mini olive trees… more info

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