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Each wedding has its own story to tell, the story about love. Your love. And we can’t wait to hear it! Whether you are searching for an extravagant wedding party or an intimate elopement, we are ready to make your dream come true. Our vision is to make your dreams come true. To do this, we will start the process with a consultation to ensure we learn about you and your fiancé’s personality, style, favorite things, and wishes. Our team and the whole planning process will be focused on the common goal: create a wedding party that no one will ever forget!


There are so many moments in your life that must be shared and celebrated, from birthday parties to engagements, baby showers to baby births, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, or simple intimate dinners. Sanda Pandza Events is specialized in the creation of unique and customized parties that will surprise all your guests. From an exclusive theme party to a spectacular dinner with shows and entertainments, our team is able to provide the exclusive design and entertainment options that will make your event unique and unforgettable.


Sanda Pandza Events has the knowledge and experience to ensure your event is a success, including business meetings and corporate events. Our team of corporate event planners have the full scope of skills needed to organize and manage the full spectrum of events, including conferences, industry award ceremonies, shareholder briefings, social events, product launches, press conferences, and annual company meetings. We seamlessly handle all the logistics and technical aspects so you can focus on your guests and your event.





The first meeting is extremely important to us: friendliness, empathy, and mutual trust are the basis of every relationship hoping to meet extraordinary goals. Knowing you and your personal story becomes a precious privilege that we will treat with the utmost care and delicacy. We want to know everything about your expectations, what type of wedding or event you are dreaming of, what your priorities are, what you want to convey to your guests, and what you want the party aesthetic to be like. Listening to you allows us to understand better where we need to start to draw and create your unforgettable event. Our beautiful journey must begin and continue with mutual and constant joy.

coordination &


Your planning experience has to be as enjoyable as the event itself.  We apply our five-senses approach from concept through completion to ensure that everything you smell, touch, taste, see and hear resonates with you and with your guests. Our duty is to give you the best advice based on our twenty years of experience and vast knowledge of what the market offers. You will actively participate in every decision and nothing will be carried out without your consent. We will provide all the necessary staffing to make sure that both the planning and party process runs smoothly. Our team will also manage the coordination of your party, from the first vendor set-up to the time the last person leaves.




Whether you’re planning to have a grandiose 3 days wedding or event with a generous budget or an intimate outdoor party that doesn’t cost as much, you always need to set a budget first. It’s not about how much you spend, rather it’s about how wisely you spend it. Once you decide on what kind of wedding or event you want to have, our team will help you to build the budget. The costs depend on a few key factors, including number of guests, the degree of detail, event length, and what vendor is selected within each category. Our team will guide you in all of these areas. During the whole planning process, we’ll keep tracking of all event expenses and deadlines of the payments so that you never exceed the costs we’ve initially established.



The world is our stage on which we create your masterpiece. We have knowledge of the most beautiful destinations and venues as options for a perfect setting for your unforgettable event. Our team will make a selection among the most prestigious venues in the world based on your event criteria: number of guests, budget, event type, or any other specific parameter that your event requires. We will arrange tours of the venues for you and negotiate the contract on your behalf once you have selected a suitable venue.




Every detail of your event will be well thought out to consistently support your vision. The event must represent you in every single detail to enjoy your event and lovingly share with others. According to what we learn from you, our design team will start by creating a mood board that will establish an overall look and feel for your party. After approving the preferred mood board, our team will start with the detailed design phase where we flesh out every detail: from the stationery, colors and type of flowers, mise en place materials, lounge design, and venue layout. The concept and design phase concludes with a detailed creative presentation that will help you to have an excellent idea of exactly what your event experience will be.



Our company has developed a network of the best and most suitable creative partners: catering, floral designers, bridal ateliers, rental companies, lighting services, musicians and performers, photographers and filmmakers, makeup artists etc. While we value and nurture relationships with our existing partners and seek to consistently help them perform better, we also continue to expand our relationships with new partners across a number of services. We take the guesswork and uncertainty out of working with unknown partners by carefully vetting each one to ensure the quality of their service and /or product, ensuring that their commitment to our event is consistent with our standards.


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Everybody wants their special day to be memorable for everyone involved.  Your wedding or event should be one big party. Choosing the right entertainment will make it a celebration to remember. We dedicate our attention to this aspect as we are sure that beside the amazing food and drinks, beautiful flowers, and stunning venue, all of your guests, no matter their age, want to have fun from beginning to end.  Our company collaborates with top level entertainment agencies, able to guarantee the success of the event with exclusive live bands, DJs, and fashionable tailor-made shows or performances that will definitely make your event more unique, exclusive, and unforgettable.



Every wedding or event is an unforgettable human experience, full of beautiful people that share their precious and unique emotions with us. The journey of planning together is full of warmth and gratitude and this special and extraordinary relationship often does not simply disappear or end once the party is over. It turns into something else, into a deep knowledge or friendship. We become a part of your sweetest memories and you find the place in our hearts forever. This is what we believe and aim for when we first meet you. This is our mission and our most important success. This is what the love is all about. Thankyou in advance for you consideration in letting us plan and share in your special day.






The vision for a dream, the perfect venue is to have it be a breathtaking place and unique and comfortable as if it is your own home.                                                      



Food is the universal language of true love and sharing. It brings people together on many different levels. Food is our common ground, an absolute experience.



Floral fragrances evoke emotions, visions and thoughts. Their perfume take us on a magical journey in our mind.                                                                       



Music is the strongest form of magic and the most powerful energy that connects people. Music is the divine way to tell poetic things to each other’s hearts.




All events are about people getting together and sharing their best: dancing, hugging, kissing. They touch each other’s hearts; this is what the love is about.