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Butterfly Effect Gala Dinner – Maxxi Museum | Italy

Butterfly Effect Gala Dinner – Maxxi Museum | Italy

The “Butterfly Effect Emotional Gala Dinner” was organized in occasion of the Fall session of Sanda Pandza’s Wedding Planner Academy. After one week of intensive and innovative wedding planning training courses, Sanda Pandza and her team of providers gave an elegant and surprising gala dinner for all wedding planning courses students. The concept of the evening was to give students a practical application of their future job but also to gather the best professionals in wedding industry with the future wedding planners, creating a splendid and elegant evening full of fun.

The exclusive venue chose for the event was the magnificent MAXXI Musem in Rome that met perfectly with its modern architecture and design the concept of the evening:  transparency, lightness and fluidity.

At the entrance the guests were welcomed by the marvelous live performing Butterflies, dressed with the sublime green flowers, designed by the floral designer Andrea Patrizi. Welcome cocktails and drinks were provided by Offside Events, followed by the Emotional and unexpected dinner: the guests were asked to tie their eyes with a black silk ribbon and to listen to each inner for a while. The dinner was served with the explosion of 3 different flavors without seeing the food, cooked by the creative Chef Fabio and under the protective look of gorgeous Valentina Picca Bianchi, dynamic director of Whitericevimenti. The strolling Butterflies with the menu choices designed on their skin were showing the menu choices of the second course.

The set up of the dinner was modern and glamour with glass tables and white design chairs that fitted perfectly into the futuristic dimension of the museum hall.

The performance of black & white dancers announced the third part of the evening: a dancing party with the bombastic The Shakes Live Band and DJ Leo Alessandrelli. All guests enjoyed the evening and danced until the late at night.

Sanda Pandza Evntes enjoyed the organization of the events, thanks to all Wedding Planner Academy’s students that put all their efforts in creating the magic.

CREDITS: Sanda Pandza Events, Whitericevimenti, Daniele Pierangeli, The Shakes Live Band, Leo Alessandrelli, Maxxi Museum, Offside Events, Andrea Patrizi, Tecnoservice2000