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Elisa + Danilo – Odescalchi Castle | Italy

Elisa + Danilo – Odescalchi Castle | Italy

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”, said the Little Prince. And it is precisely in this way that Elisa Liberati and Danilo Cataldi, a famous Italian footballer, perceived their young love, born in school and crowned in a splendid wedding party, as in a real fairy tale. Danilo

Cataldi and Elisa Liberati said yes in Bracciano, in the fascinating setting of the Odescalchi Castle. They got married after years of engagement but the news that excited most was the choice to give their wedding gifts to charity, the sign of their noble and generous soul.

Sanda Pandza Events designed on their request a youth and elegant wedding, full of modern elements: the predominant color, loved by Elisa, was fuchsia.

The triumphant floral compositions embellished the entrance and nave of the Cathedral of Santo Stefano di Bracciano while the groom welcomed all the guests, excitedly awaiting his beloved Elisa. Elisa got ready in her home in Rome and was gorgeous in her Atelier Pieralisi dress.

After the ceremony, guests were greeted by the procession of flag wavers on the driveway leading to the beautiful castle. The various corners of the aperitifs provided by Colasanti Catering were served in the beautiful Secret Garden while the dinner was set in the majestic Court of Honor. The design of the dinner curated by Sanda Pandza Events had as the theme the contrast between modern and ancient: the mirrored tables with the fuchsia-colored floral compositions and the architectural lights provided by Mama Events made the atmosphere truly magical.

After dinner served by the light of miles of candles, the bride and groom cut the cake with a shower of red confetti that filled the sky. Fun was guaranteed with the band arrived from Monte Carlo, Goldsingers who entertained all the guests together with the tasty cocktails of Offside Events until late at night.

Sanda Pandza Events was honored to have been chosen as the wedding planner for Elisa and Danilo Cataldi.

CREDITS: Sanda Pandza Events, Colasanti Catering, Castello Odescalchi, Cerrone Nozze, Latitudine-41, Roberto Marchionne, Mama Events, Goldsingers