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Ivan + Laura – Dubrovnik | Croatia

Ivan + Laura – Dubrovnik | Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world. The sea breeze around the walls of the fortress that protects the city, the streets full of life and the romantic arcades that hide the secrets of a long history. Everyone wants magic for their wedding and the city of Dubrovnik has it all.

Laura and Ivan chose Dubrovnik for their destination elopement. Sanda Pandza Events was honored for have been chose for the organization of their elopement it as we love elopements so much!

An intimate boho style sunset ceremony was set on the beautiful hill overlooking the town of Dubrovnik. Laura and Ivan exchanged their wows with lovely wordings while the sun was setting down.

The boho style table was set up with the master hands of floral designer Ivana Mustapic, the owner of Le Salon – Dubrovnik. Bordeaux, green and red flowers, the mise en place with the plum and green colors, the watercolor menu print made by Cerrone Nozze and a personalized touch with the grape cluster on the gold plate.

The bride wore a lace dress embroidered with precious stones, designed by the designer Myriam Pieralisi of Rome.

Sanda Pandza is originally from Croatia and she is the expert wedding planner for the destination weddings in Croatia.

CREDITS: Sanda Pandza Events, Atelier Pierlisi, Le Salon Dubrovnik, Adria Photo, Miso Soric Video