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Tommaso’s Baby Shower – Profumo Roma | Italy

Tommaso’s Baby Shower – Profumo Roma | Italy

Elisa and Danilo Cataldi are a young and beautiful married couple so happy and exiting to welcome a baby Tommaso. Sanda Pandza Events have organized their fairytale wedding two years before and they have asked here to organize a baby shower party. Danilo Cataldi is a famous Italian football player and for Sanda Pandza Events was honored to have been hired to organize another party for this lovely couple.

Welcoming a child into a new family or community is practiced the world over, throughout cultures, and practiced for thousands of years. The giving of coming together, extending one’s best wishes and giving baby shower gifts to celebrate a new baby’s arrival dates back many thousands of years.

The baby showers we know today began during the baby boom era after World War II. The term “shower” came from the practice of “showering” the mother-to-be with gifts and commodities that could get expensive for the parents. This was also the time where the baby shower traditions that are still practiced today originated: the showers were hosted by a close family member or female friend, only women attended, and the mother-to-be opened gifts at the shower in a central, decorated chair.

Today it is optional to host showers where both men and women can attend and the guest of honor can include the father-to-be as well.

Sanda Pandza events designed a delicious baby shower and the venue we chose was Spazio Profumo in Rome. All the set up was designed with light blue colors, from the small details to the important flower arrangements made by Ceccotti Flowers.

The theme of the party was the little elephant and all decoration with balloons and cake pops and cookies were personalized with this theme. The invitations for the bridal shower had the same theme too.

The guests enjoyed a buffet style dinner and the music of talented DJ Leo Alessandrelli.

Sanda Pandza Events was honored for have been a part of this beautiful and happy moment in Elisa’s and Danilo’s life.

CREDITS: Sanda Pandza Events, Ceccotti Flowers, Leo Alessandrelli, Mama Events, Francesca Neri