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I met Giambattista Valli many years ago while I was studying at the university and was working as a waitress at Bar della Pace in Rome. He was one of those funny and curious young guys who were searching for the right way to express their creativity, adorable and always kind.

One day Giamba (that’s how we called him) asked me with his irresistible and beautiful smile to model for him as he create some homemade dresses and wanted to make some pics. I said yes (of course) and we made his very first shooting with Angelo Cricchi in Rome. Yes, I must confess that I was one of the first women who wore Valli in 1995 and still have those creations at home as he gave them to me as a gift.

Our friendship and collaboration has continued while he was a designer for Fendissime and his original touch was everywhere.

And then he moved to Paris as he understood how important was to find his own way to express such incredible talent. And he made it, with the same incredible smile and kindness that will never change. I left modeling and started my own business in wedding industry.

I was so happy when I found out that he finally has decided to design his first Bridal Collection called “The Love” – 17 extraordinary Bridal looks for those girls who want to be a glamorous brides!

 “They are not simple wedding dresses. They look more like dresses for special occasions. They are far from that institutional idea of ​​the ‘wedding dress’. And that’s why all the young customers come to me: they are looking for something that is more like a trendy dress. ” Giambattista said in an interview.

The “Love” collection celebrates the return to a happy life after the pandemic, and embraces the contemporary and timeless philosophy of the house. It is also completed by refined accessories: shoes and clutches embroidered with pearls and silk satin bows with tulle details.

“When I create a haute couture wedding dress, it’s like a psychotherapy session” confesses Valli as he discusses everything with his clients: they talk about their childhood dreams and their current style. “I’ve wanted to launch this project for a long time – and then everyone was asking, asking, asking,” said Valli, explaining that the goal for him was “to bring the ‘flavor’ of the Valli girl to something that is related to a happy moment party “.

Can’t wait to meet him again as I’m sure that my clients will adore his style!