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The Sofreh Aghd is a traditional wedding ceremony that is still alive and loved by guests who get a chance to be invited to a Persian wedding In Farsi the word “sofreh” means ‘spread’ and “aghd” means ‘ceremony’. Like most, Iranians have diverse religious backgrounds and the sofreh aghd is a chosen cultural ceremony commonly practiced regardless of faith and this ceremonial tradition has been practiced for thousands of years by Iranian families around the world to celebrate their culture and heritage. 


There are many symbolic items in which make up the sofreh aghd spread, all in which represent an element of the couple’s new life and marriage together. While most aim to keep the traditional elements of the sofreh design, each sofreh is unique in its own and designed around the bride and groom’s style.

Our company has designed several sofreh aghd and it is expertise in planning Persian ceremonies and weddings in Italy.Here is one of the recent sofreh aghd we have designed for our beautiful couple Tannaz and Farhad for their magic wedding ceremony in Rome.